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Trinidad and Tobago Pump Industry Outlook 2015

See how Trinidad and Tobago Pump performed compared to key markets.

Key Market Indicators

In 2015, Tobagonian Pump Import rose by 18.8%, up from 505,750 Kilograms in 2014. Meanwhile, exports increased by 324.7%, up from 7,980 Kilograms in 2014. Tobagonian pump import surged to 600,760 kilograms in 2015, up 18.8% from 505,750 kilograms in 2014. Export of the product soared 324.7% to 33,760 kilograms in 2015, compared to 7,980 kilograms the year before. The country ranked 74th, with Armenia overtaking it with 33,760 kilograms. The Netherlands, Germany and the United States ranked second, third and fourth, respectively.

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