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About us

What is ReportLinker Data?

ReportLinker Data is a search engine for statistics that gives easy access to more than 30 million bits of actionable data, combined with a unique user experience.

It belongs to ReportLinker, a research tech-driven company that helps clients get industry insights, simply. ReportLinker is one of the largest collections of industry, company, and country reports available on the web, from both public and private sources.

What services do we offer?

ReportLinker Data’s innovative solution gives access to:

By applying proven forecasting methods along with the latest technologies in big data and data mining, we allow access to valuable insights on key indicators trends for more than 20 major industrial sectors. ReportLinker research team’s goal is to supply the best possible overview on market potentials to reduce uncertainty and facilitate critical business decisions.

How does it work?

Our ontology-aware natural language processing (NLP) platform automatically analyses millions of bits of data every day. We use big data algorithms to discover, disambiguate, and normalize complex concepts to create structured knowledge of industries, companies, and technologies.

ReportLinker invests in first-class engineers, mathematicians, and artificial intelligence experts. Half of the people in the company are engineers and economists working on a daily basis to provide a unique user experience.

What is our added value?

ReportLinker Data’s ground breaking technology helps our customers find datasets and key industry indicators from the best open data sources in one single place.

All datasets are selected, filtered, and updated daily by our analysts.

Who can use ReportLinker Data?

The product is dedicated to a wide range of professionals including consultants, librarians, and marketing and sales directors looking for accurate data on various sectors including automotive, retail, food & beverage, tourism, transportation, telecom, insurance, etc.

What are the benefits for our customers?

Thanks to refined results, ReportLinker Data’s search engine allows our customers to: