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Sales of non-alcoholic beverages in Denmark falls in 2016

Soft drink sales went down greatly by 64.59% in comparison with the prior year, according to refreshed data presented by European Commission. It hit its 4-year low as the variable diminished strongly by 29 017.16 thousand Euros, in contrast to the previous year when it went up by 1.43 percent. The overall changes for the prior 4 years reached a diminution of 66.91%. Besides, it has had a decline at a 0.24 percent compound average annual growth rate over the last dataset.nb_years years with a slight overall decrease since the start of time series. It averaged 38 299 thousand Euros from 2013 to 2016 and it attained its maximum of 48 074.79 thousand Euros in 2013.

Sales of non-alcoholic beverages in Denmark falls in 2016
Date Thousand Euros Variation
2016 15 906.49 -64.59
2015 44 923.65 1.43
2014 44 291.06 -7.87
2013 48 074.79 N/A

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