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Domestic tourism per trip consumption of travel agency and tour operator services in Australia: Raise in 2017

Australian National Statistical Office published that compared with the previous year tourism consumption barely climbed by 4.55 percent. Tourism consumption rose hardly from 15.4 Australian Dollar to 16.1 Australian Dollar, when it remained stable by 0 percent. It reached its 20-year high. Australia saw a raise of 126.76% in tourism consumption during the last 20 years. Furthermore, it has had a growth at a 0.02% CAGR over the 5 years with a overall increase since the start of observations. It averaged 11.91 Australian Dollar from 1998 to 2017 and it hit its minimum of 7.1 Australian Dollar in 1998.

Domestic tourism per trip consumption of travel agency and tour operator services in Australia: Raise in 2017
Date Australian Dollar Variation
2017 16.10 4.55
2016 15.40 =
2015 15.40 2.67
2014 15.00 2.74
2013 14.60 2.1
2012 14.30 2.88
2011 13.90 2.21
2010 13.60 2.26
2009 13.30 -2.21
2008 13.60 7.94

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