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Household expenditure on accommodation services in France: Rise in 2016

Adjusted measurements on hospitality in France have been presented by France National Statistical Office. The variable hardly increased to 17 754 million Euros, which is a 2.93 percent shift compared to one year earlier.

Household expenditure on accommodation services in France: Rise in 2016
Date Million Euros Variation
2016 17 754.00 2.93
2015 17 249.00 2.99
2014 16 749.00 4.77
2013 15 987.00 1.82
2012 15 701.00 3.46
2011 15 176.00 4.39
2010 14 538.00 3.67
2009 14 023.00 -7.21
2008 15 113.00 3.22
2007 14 641.00 7.77

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Main Hospitality Indicators

  • Overnight Stay

    Overnight stays of non-resident visitors in the country visited, in any type of accomodation. It is an indicator of tourism flows and usually displayed in growth rates. Based on: World Trade Organization.

  • Accommodation Expenditure

    Amount paid by incoming and domestic visitors for accomodation services during their stay at the destination. Includes campsites, hotels, motels, self-catering, chalets, guesthouses, hostels and private accomodation. Based on: World Tourism Organization.

  • Hotel Average Length Of Stay

    The Average Length of Stay (ALOS) is calculated as the average number of overnight stays on each trip. Based on: Eurostat.

  • Available Hotel Room

    Amount of vacant rooms (or beds) a hotel can offer. It is a direct measure of the hotel's business supply.

  • Hotel Occupancy Level

    Percentage of available rooms or beds in a hotel being sold for a certain period of time. It is calculated by dividing the total overnight stays/number of bedrooms by the total number of bed-places/bedrooms on offer (excluding extra beds). Based on: Eurostat.

  • Hotel Revenue

    Revenue generated by the hotel industry.