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Number of transferable deposits accounts held by non-banks in Italy: Stagnation in 2017

Bank for International Settlements reported that in comparison to the prior year the indicator remained unchanged. The same as it has been for the last 2 year, the variable didn't change at 40 169.4 thousands. The overall changes for the previous 11 years attained a raise of 17.36%. However, it has shown a negative compound annual growth rate of 0.01 percent during the five years with a negligible overall growth since the 2007. It averaged 38 914.84 thousands from 2007 to 2017 and it reached its all-time high of 44 789.29 thousands in 2015 and record low of 34 228 thousands in 2007.

Number of transferable deposits accounts held by non-banks in Italy: Stagnation in 2017
Date Thousands Variation
2017 40 169.40 =
2016 40 169.40 -10.31
2015 44 789.29 3.76
2014 43 168.12 1.34
2013 42 597.00 9.31
2012 38 970.00 1.31
2011 38 467.00 5.7
2010 36 393.00 4.87
2009 34 704.00 0.86
2008 34 408.00 0.53

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