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Intrastate road freight in Australia: Increase in 2014

Australian Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development announced that in comparison with the previous year the variable rose by 5.25%. Road freight volume went up from 137.52 billion tonne kilometer to 144.74 billion tonne kilometer, as it follows the tendency of the previous year when it increased by 5.47%. It's the highest level on record since 1973. Australia saw a rise of 545.78% in road freight volume over the past 42 years. Furthermore, it has had an increase at a 0.05% average annual growth rate over the 5 years with a sharp overall raise since the start of observations. It averaged 75.06 billion tonne kilometer from 1973 to 2014 and it reached its minimum of 22.41 billion tonne kilometer in 1973.

Intrastate road freight in Australia: Increase in 2014
Date Billion Tonne Kilometer Variation
2014 144.74 5.25
2013 137.52 5.47
2012 130.39 5.69
2011 123.37 8.8
2010 113.40 3.56
2009 109.50 -9.02
2008 120.36 3.59
2007 116.19 9.36
2006 106.25 1.81
2005 104.36 3.89

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  • Road Freight Volume

    Volume of goods carried by road, usually measured in tonnes or tonne-kilometres, which represent the transport of one tonne of goods by road over a distance of one kilometre. It can also be measured in thousand jouneys. Based on: Eurostat.

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