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Import of vinyl chloride (chloroethylene) to Austria: Decrease in 2016

Compared with 2015 the indicator greatly decreased by 99.74 percent, updated figures from United Nations Statistical Office show. Vinyl chloride import strongly went down by 753 kilogram, in contrast to the prior year when it climbed by 151.67 percent. It hit its 23-year minimum. The overall changes for the previous 23 years attained a decrease of 100%. As well as it has had a negative compound average annual growth rate of 0.81 percent over the five years with a marginal overall decline since the start of time series. It averaged 6 763.35 kilogram from 1994 to 2016 and it reached its maximum of 154 500 kilogram in 1994.

Import of vinyl chloride (chloroethylene) to Austria: Decrease in 2016
Date Kilogram Variation
2016 2.00 -99.74
2015 755.00 151.67
2014 300.00 -99.81
1994 154 500.00 N/A

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