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Payments based on farm income National currency in Vietnam

Payments based on farm income National currency in Vietnam from 2000 to 2016
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Main Agriculture Indicators

  • Agricultural Production

  • Agricultural GDP

    Percentage of a country's GDP derived from the agricultural sector. It provides an estimate of the relative importance of agriculture in a country's economy with regard to generating national income. Based on: World Bank.

  • Agricultural Income

    Income generated by agricultural activities over a given accounting period. It is usually measured in agricultural income per worker, which is calculated as factor income per annual work unit (AWU) in real terms. It corresponds to the net value added at factor cost of agriculture, per annual work unit and deflated by the implicit GDP price index. This measure is commonly expressed as an index of the real income of factors per annual work unit. Alternatively, absolute agricultural income can be measured in millions of national currency, in current or real prices. Based on: Eurostat.

  • Farming Income

    Income generated by farming operations, usually expressed in thousands or millions of national currency. It can be measured as gross cash farm income (sum of crop sales, livestock sales, government payments and other farm income), gross farm income (gross cash farm income plus: the net change in the value of crop, livestock, feed and fertilizer inventory, accounts receivable; the value of farms products used or consumed on the farm; and the gross imputed rental value of the farm operator dwelling if it was owned by the operation), net cash farm income (gross cash farm income less cash expenses), net farm income (net cash farm income less depreciation and other non-money expenses). Based on: United States Department of Agriculture.

  • Meat Production

  • Agricultural Area

    Area used for farming, usually categorized by type of agricultural land, i.e. arable land, permanent grassland, permanent crops and other agricultural land types. It can be expressed in hectares or in percentage of total utilised agricultural area. This indicator does not include unused agricultural land, woodland and land occupied by buildings, farmyards, tracks, ponds, etc. Based on: Eurostat.

  • Grains Production

  • Egg Production

  • Poultry Meat Production