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Available Seat Miles in the US

Available Seat Miles in the US from Jan. 1996 to Aug. 2017 • Thousand Available Seat Miles
Geopolitical entity
United States

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Main Airline Indicators

  • Airline Passenger Traffic

    Number of domestic and international aircraft passengers of a given airline. Includes revenue passengers as well as non-revenue passengers. Usually measured in number of persons or in passenger-kilometres. Based on: Eurostat.

  • Passenger Kilometers Available

    Number of passenger-kilometres available by full-service airlines, usually measured in billions. A passenger-kilometre is performed when a passenger is carried one kilometre. It is an indicator of airline capacity. Based on: Eurocontrol.

  • Airline Load Factor

    Represents the percentage of aircraft seats filled by fare-paying passengers and is an indicator of a transport services's capacity utilization. Based on: Eurocontrol.

  • Available Airline Seats

    Number of seats available for purchase on commercial airlines, usually measured in millions. Based on: International Air Transport Association.

  • Air Transport Expenditure

    Total direct expenditure on air transport services.

  • Airline Revenue

    Revenue of commercial airlines.