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Export of yarn of artificial staple fibres packaged for retail sale from Ireland: Growth in 2017

Yarn export increased greatly by 148.89% compared with the prior year, according to numbers presented by European Commission. The variable sharply climbed from 900 Euro in 2016 to 2 240 Euro previous year, in comparison with the prior year when it declined by 60.87 percent. The overall changes for the previous 6 years hit a raise of 176.54%. However, it has had a negative compound annual growth rate of 0.01% over the five years with a slight overall rise since the start of observations. It averaged 1 041.67 Euro from 2012 to 2017 and it attained its all-time high of 2 300 Euro in 2015 and record low of 810 Euro in 2012.

Export of yarn of artificial staple fibres packaged for retail sale from Ireland: Growth in 2017
Date Euro Variation
2017 2 240.00 148.89
2016 900.00 -60.87
2015 2 300.00 183.95
2012 810.00 N/A

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