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Number of civil airbus boeing 767 in China goes up in 2016

In comparison to the previous year the indicator rose sharply by 44.44%, according to adjusted numbers issued by China National Statistical Office. Aircraft fleet increased strongly from 9 in 2015 to 13 prior year, when it remained stable by 0%. The overall changes for the previous 31 years attained a growth of 550%. Moreover, the aircraft fleet is now lower than its average which equals 14.71 and the variable highlights a overall rise since the start of observations. It hit its all-time high of 29 in 2006 and record low of 2 in 1986.

Number of civil airbus boeing 767 in China goes up in 2016
Date Number Variation
2016 13.00 44.44
2015 9.00 =
2014 9.00 -18.18
2013 11.00 -15.38
2012 13.00 -13.33
2011 15.00 -16.67
2010 18.00 -5.26
2009 19.00 -13.64
2008 22.00 =
2007 22.00 -24.14

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