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Re-export of sets of hand tools put up in sets for retail sale from Antigua and Barbuda: Raise in 2016

According to adjusted numbers published by United Nations Statistical Office, compared with the previous year the indicator strongly rose by 97.34%. Construction equipment export grew sharply from 17 740 US Dollar in 2015 to 35 008 US Dollar prior year, as it follows the tendency of the previous year when it climbed by 51.73 percent. Antigua and Barbuda saw a raise of 287.39% in construction equipment export over the past 18 years. Furthermore, it has attained a 0.12 percent compound average annual growth rate during the 5 years with a marginal overall growth since the start of time series. It averaged 28 601.5 US Dollar from 1999 to 2016 and it reached its all-time high of 191 395 US Dollar in 2010 and record low of 8 112 US Dollar in 2013.

Re-export of sets of hand tools put up in sets for retail sale from Antigua and Barbuda: Raise in 2016
Date US Dollar Variation
2016 35 008.00 97.34
2015 17 740.00 51.73
2014 11 692.00 44.13
2013 8 112.00 -58.8
2012 19 688.00 -54.49
2011 43 260.00 -77.4
2010 191 395.00 162.2
2009 72 995.00 58.65
2007 46 010.00 92.27
2005 23 930.00 -33.45

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