Ambivalent Opinion about the Monsanto-Bayer Deal

Well known as a seed and agrochemical company (72%), Monsanto is one of the most controversial companies in the world.

A new ReportLinker survey shows that almost 60% of US respondents have a negative attitude toward the company. When a company like this is bought by another one, it comes with risks for the latter’s image. For more than half respondents (54%), their attitude changed negatively toward Bayer.

On Monsanto’s buyout by Bayer, nearly 30% of respondents have a negative attitude to this announcement compared to 13% who have a more positive attitude.

Even if Americans have a negative opinion of this buyout, they still think it is a necessary evil! A large majority (74%) agree that the world needs more productive agriculture to feed an increasing world population. This supports Monsanto-Bayer’s corporate philosophy.


Skepticism toward the Monsanto - Bayer deal