Can you please tell me if the reports available on ReportLinker provide sales numbers for wearable devices in the US market?

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We have many reports on global wearable device sales and also specific information on the US wearable device market published by Manufacturing Market Insider, GSA Global, Deloitte, Bio portfolio, CIMB group.

We have a report published by Manufacturing Market Insider, which is a leading newsletter publisher of the electronics contract manufacturing industry. It gives information on the consumer fitness, lifestyle/entertainment, healthcare, enterprise and components segments of the industry, which are the key elements in the current market for wearables. It foresees rapid growth in the market with each segment becoming a billion dollar industry by 2020. Of these the largest is likely to the lifestyle and entertainment segment.

There is also a report by GSA Global, an association of semi-conductor industry, which gives information on the global wearable device market sales.

“Sales of wearable devices are expected to exceed US $8 billion by 2018, with over 130 million units globally.”

— GSA Global, 2014

There is also a report by Deloitte, a leading advisory and consulting services company. The report includes 2018 smart watch sales estimation figures. In the report they predict strong growth in the global smart watch market.

“The smart watch sector is currently estimated at US$1.4 billion to US$1.8 billion but is expected to surge to US$10 billion by 2018.The full range of the wearable technology market is projected to hit US$30 billion in sales during the same period.”

— Deloitte, 2015

A report by Risk and Policy Analysts covers information on sports and activity sales. It also gives the share of The Americas, Europe and Middle East regions in global sales. Risk and Policy Analysts is an independent consultancy in the fields of environment, economics, chemicals, EU policy and sustainability. They comment on the fast growing market for sports and activity monitors that:

“Worldwide sales of sports and activity monitors have been estimated at 44 million units in 2013 and are expected to increase to 56 million units in 2017, mostly a result of wearable fitness devices. The Americas, Europe, and Middle East regions account for over 80% of global sales.”

— Risk and Policy Analysts, 2014

A report by Woodside Capital Partners, an investment bank specific to the technology industry, gives insights on wearable device shipments. It also gives 2019 wearable device shipments estimates.

The chart below gives information on wearable device shipments growth forecast. It gives estimates for 2019 wearable device shipments and also 2014 wrist wear, modular, clothing, eyewear and earwear devices sales figures.

global wearable device shipments in million forecast 2014 to 2019

— Woodside Capital Partners, 2015

Another report by Bio Portfolio, a leading provider of market research services to pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, gives growth figures for the wearable medical devices segment from 2015-2020. It also gives revenue estimates for 2020.

“Wearable medical devices are autonomous, non-invasive devices that perform specific medical functions such as managing treatment of chronic diseases or monitoring vital signs of human body. A wearable medical device incorporates capabilities such as wireless data transmission, real time feedback and assessment and so on. During the forecast period of 2015-2020, the market is projected to grow remarkably at 21.3% to generate revenue of $41.3 billion by 2020.”

— BioPortfolio, 2015

Finally a report by CIMB, one of the largest banks in ASEAN region, gives information on market share in the wearable devices market. It forecasts that the wearables market will be dominated by one player, Apple, in the short to medium term with other competitors lagging well behind.

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