Can you recommend some reports about the state of the agricultural machinery industry in Asia?

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Our database has some reports about the agricultural machinery industry that can meet your needs.  Below are the most recent and relevant.

Over the last years, Asia-Pacific has remained as the leader of global agricultural machinery market in terms of growth. This region is expected to record close to 8% yearly growth until 2017 with farm mechanization in countries such as China and India as the major growth driver.

Report 1 – “Escorts Limited », Khambatta Securities Ltd, March 2016.

 “The Indian Tractor industry has always been a barometer for the state of rural economy. It is relatively young but now has become the largest market worldwide (excluding sub 20 HP belt driven tractors used in China), accounting for one-third of the global production. The other major tractor markets in the world are China and US”.

— Khambatta Securities Ltd, March 2016.

tractor industry in india


— Khambatta Securities Ltd, March 2016

“FY15 tractor volumes declined 13.1% Y-o-Y on back of lower crop prices and erratic monsoon. Industry volume is expected to go down by 10% on an annual basis in FY16 to nearly 4, 95,000 units. However, the long term growth fundamentals of industry are strong owing to lowering of the replacement cycle, expectation of increase in MSP for key crops, scarcity of labor and ease of credit availability from Government. Also, pace of the central & state Government’s policy roll out and the final monsoon behavior governs the short term industry performance”.

— Khambatta Securities Ltd, March 2016.

Report 2 – “Current Status and Development Trends of China’s Agricultural Machinery Industry”, FOTON LOVOL, July 2015.

This report states how the recent development trend of China’s agricultural machinery market can lead to several benefices as the integration of rural land, the improvement of the quality of rural life, the increase of employment opportunities between others.

“The general market size of the medium and large tractors is expected to about 1.6 million sets, with an average of more than 300,000 sets per year, reaching about 40 million sets by 2015; • The annual market size of the small tractors is stabilized between 2-2.3 million sets; The general market size of the combine-harvester is about 800,000 sets, an annual average of more than 150,000 sets.”

— FOTON LOVOL, July 2015.

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