7 Out of 10 Americans Defend The Clean Power Act

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Seeing negatively the environmental future we are all building, Americans are therefore skeptical about the strategy driven by President Trump.

More than three quarter of US citizens are now familiar with climate change and it is even clearer for them that humans are its main cause. As the last survey by ReportLinker shows, Democrats are more likely to be strongly convinced by this assumption.

[ctt template=”1″ link=”Z3UPd” via=”no” nofollow=”yes”]76% of Americans think human activities are the main cause of climate change https://ctt.ec/Z3UPd+ via @ReportLinker[/ctt]

Even though nearly one out of four US respondents could not name any consequences of such a climate change, the severity of extreme climate phenomenon, much higher temperatures but also the quality of air are direct effects each mentioned by more than 12% of the US respondents interviewed. The melting of ice caps (8%) and the rise of seas level (8%) are also effects worrying US citizens.

The knowledge of global warming and of the environmental crisis that could occur in a near future then seems to be approximate for Americans but do not prevent their negative perception of our environmental future. More than half of respondents are negative about the earth we are giving to the future generations, except Republicans who are more often somewhat positive (51%).

[ctt template=”1″ link=”929Ub” via=”no” nofollow=”yes”]57% of Americans perceive negatively our environmental future and the #Earth that will be left to the next gen https://ctt.ec/929Ub+[/ctt]

This general pessimism about the environment may be strengthened in a context where President Trump plans to revive one of the principal cause of the US air pollution: coal production. Environmental defenders are strongly opposed to this plan, such as the majority of Democrats (53%). On the contrary, Republicans are all supportive of their president.

[ctt template=”1″ link=”Uqxto” via=”no” nofollow=”yes”]55% of Americans disagree with President Trump’s plan to revive the coal industry https://ctt.ec/Uqxto+ via @ReportLinker[/ctt]

Trump’s environmental policy doesn’t stop to the coal industry and tackles the Obama’s Clean Power Act. Except nearly 20% of US respondents who ignore what the Clean Power Act is, the big majority of respondents (67%) disagree with Trump’s order to undo such an Act, especially Democrats.


This survey conducted by ReportLinker reached 535 online respondents representative of the US population. Interviews were conducted on April, 11th 2017.