Do you have a report about car insurance in Russia?


Thank you for contacting ReportLinker.  Out of the many reports that we have in our portal about the car insurance industry, we have selected one that we hope will help answer your query.

Motor Insurance in Russia to 2019: Market Databook is a 41 page report released by Timetric in December 2015.  This study contains detailed historic data from 2010 and also makes projections to 2019.  It covers motor insurance in the non-life insurance industry in Russia.  It investigates gross written premiums, the number of active policies, penetration percentage, gross claims, paid claims, change in outstanding reserves, incurred loss, loss ratio percentage, insurance density and penetration.  The insurance penetration and the loss ratio are both listed as a percentage of GDP.  These figures are also forecasted as a percentage of GDP.

It provides insights into the operating environment of the market in Russia and can be used for companies or investors to analyze the market and help develop their business strategies.  The forecast figures allow you to make future business decisions with more clarity.

The report features information about definitions within the industry, as well as the methodology it used to come up with the figures.  It is divided into sections of policies and premiums, claims and expenses, motor hull, as well as motor third party. It features tables that include both the historic data and the future projections.  This information is useful for comparisons of past and future trends.  It is also helpful for looking at growth rates and other important figures that can help with your business plans.  The report closes with information about Timetric and their services, in case you had any queries about their business and history.

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