Do you have any kind of information regarding the market of advanced energy storage (forecast, market data of all kind, trends, etc.)?

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The research report that would assist you is the research report on Advanced Energy Storage Systems Market by Application, by Technology, by End User & by Region – Global Forecast to 2020.

Within the forecast period of the research report, it forecast that the advanced energy storage systems market is projected to obtain a value of USD 15.95 billion by 2020, at a high compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.4%. Stated in the report that, globally the growth of energy storage systems is being propelled by, electric vehicles market growth, energy arbitrage opportunities.

The reports indicates a perception, that energy storage systems as a back-up to ensure perceived sustainable development. The regions that are keen on ensuring perceived sustainable development are Europe and America. Therefore, Europe and America are investing in the expansion of there energy storage infrastructure.

The growing economies as example the Asia-Pacific have a increasing energy demand, and are moving to renewable energy sources to be able to manage the increasing demand. These growing economies as a result, are leading the energy storage systems markets.

The reports indicates the increased usage of electric vehicles across the world, in both developing and developed economies, has contributed to the high growth of the energy storage systems. Presently globally there is 180,000+ electric vehicles currently, and forecast by Electric Vehicles Initiative (EVI) that there would be approximately 20 million electric vehicles in use by 2020.

The regions where the energy storage systems are growing at a similar pace, are North America and Europe. The increase demand are results of, that many countries in these regions are members of EVI, and the respective governments are deploying new renewable installations to obtain sustainable development.

The report provides in-depth interviews, of various knowledgeable parties that provided assistance in assessing future market prospects. The in-depth interviews also provide quantitative and qualitative information.

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