Do you have reports about how wheather conditions are challenging the agriculture industry?

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Thank you for submitting this inquiry.  Our database has a lot of reports about the agriculture industryThe following reports discuss the weather’s effects on agricultural output worldwide.

Report 1: Economics, agriculture and native vegetation in NSW, World Wide Fund for Nature, Oct 2014

This report discussed the economics of agriculture in New South Wales, Australia.  There is much discussion on the factors that affect economic output of agriculture in this state. Weather is discussed as the most significant factor in economic output with a graph that shows the gross value of agricultural production and its relationship to annual rainfall in that state from 2003 through 2013.  There is a graph that shows that production moved similar to the states average rainfall in that year accept for in 2012 and 2013 where output remained high despite less rain.

agriculture climate conditions

— World Wide Fund for Nature, Oct 2014

Report 2: Asia Economic Monitor, July 2011

This report has a section that discusses the volatility of commodity prices and the contributors to this volatility including the adverse effects of global warming and extreme weather conditions on agriculture (pg 58).

Report 3: Investing in a time of climate change, Sept 2015

This report discusses the building blocks of climate change scenarios and how these scenarios may affect other industries such as technology, buildings/structures, policy and resource availability such as water and agriculture.  More specifically, a change in 2 degrees Celsius could result in a 20% reduction in water availability thus affecting crop production.

“Resource availability is a new aspect being added to the previous Mercer study to identify how changes to the physical environment might impact investments reliant on the use of resources, such as water and agricultural resources at risk of becoming scarcer or, in some cases, more abundant over the long-term as a result of changes in weather patterns” (pg 15).

— Investing in a time of climate change, Sept 2015

Report 4: A tale of two bailouts:  Greece and China:  Global Banking, Jan 2015

This report shows how weather conditions affects the financial markets.  It shows that the agricultural sector gained 83% from 2014 to 2015 as a result of warm and wet weather in the Midwestern United States. However, dry weather in the remainder of the country affected corn and soybean planting and subsequently yield.

Report 5: Preface, Crop Production in South Africa, Jan 2008

Although this report has data from 2007, it is the most comprehensive in its description of the effect of climate change on agricultural output over time and by country.  For example, Argentina had the greatest reduction in agricultural output by 27.1% following scarce rainfall and high temperatures from La Nina’s effect on maize crops.  Brazil was the second greatest loss in output due to a reduction in planting area as a result of poor weather conditions.

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