Do you have reports about sustainable cars?

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Thank you for your inquiry.  Our database has many reports about the automotive industry and about sustainable cars with reference to materials

Report 1:  2015 Automotive Sustainability Report, Motor Vehicle in the UK, January 2015

This report discusses economic, environment and social performance of the automotive industry and contains data such as alternatively fueled vehicles taking a 2.1% share of the car market. Compared with 2000 energy use per vehicle was down 48.1%, water use down 49.1% and waste to landfill down 92.4%.  There is a chart summary of key performance indicators (KPIs) such as total combined energy use, energy used per vehicle, water use per vehicle produced, volatile organic compounds emissions total combined waste to landfills, et cetera.  There is a section dedicated to environmental performance and the future outlook with a chart that shows the energy use in a vehicle production plant.  There are also profiles of manufacturers like Toyota, which aims to address resource depletion, climate change and biodiversity loss with their eco-plant. Other manufacturers discussed are Bentley, Nissan and BMW.  There is also a discussion of how the waste to landfill has fallen by 26.3% and water use per vehicle reduced 6.2% since 2000.

sustainable cars energy use

“The auto sector has made good progress in reducing water usage and increasing use from non-mains supply. Within the vehicle manufacturing sites the paint shops are significant users of water, so industry has focused attention on this area” (pg 9).

— Motor Vehicle in the UK, January 2015

Report 2: Polymer composites for automotive sustainability

This report discusses raw material inputs that are more sustainable.  Polymer composites has the ability to reduce the weight in high volume production car bodies and subsequently increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.  This translates to a savings of 8million tons of CO2 per year.  This report further discusses the different types and structures of polymer composites such as carbon fibres, glass fibres and natural fibres, the market opportunities in Europe, USA and Japan as well industry drivers such as CO2 regulations, fuel economy and emergence of electric vehicles.  There is discussion of challenges in the industry, such as recycling, and the approaches to addressing these challenges, such as strengthening technical skills, flagship projects and supporting innovative small to mid-sized enterprises.

Report 3: Transportation, Renewable energy in the US, August 2015

This report is primarily a gallery of sustainable cars with additional articles on partnerships to accelerate electric vehicle use, state policies that promote electric vehicles, sustainable transportation, and commercialization of fuel cells among other.

There is a depiction of the growth of electric vehicles between 2012 and 2015.  For example, sales of electric vehicles rose from 19,000 in 2012 to 329,000 in 2015.  Options have also increased from 10 models from 9 automakers to 20 models from 13 automakers.

There is additional data on state-level policies for plug-in electric vehicles such as tax incentives as well as plans for charging stations.

I hope you find this useful, and can see that there is a lot of useful information available through the portal about the automotive industry. If you have any additional needs or questions about our reports, please feel free to contact us.