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Report 1 – “Agricultural Commodity Supply Chains Trade, Consumption and Deforestation”, The Royal Institute of International Affairs, January 2016.

This report covers an overview of the global demand for palm oil. According to this study, the demand has seen strong and sustained growth, averaging 8 per cent per year over the last three decades. The principal importers for the palm oil are the EU, India and China, which were responsible for over half of global demand growth from 2000 to 2014.

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— The Royal Institute of International Affairs, January 2016

Report 2 – “The economic impacts of palm oil in Indonesia”, The Carbon Stock Study, December 2015.

This report discusses specific statistics to explain how the oil palm industry has become one of the most important sources of growth in the Indonesian economy. The main objectives of this study are identify the historical development of the oil palm industry in Indonesia, study the impacts of the expansion on rural employment and on regional and national economic indicators. The entire industry has contributed to employment generation, rural poverty alleviation and export earnings between others. It has also helped to stabilize the price of cooking oil and contributed to lower inflation.

“In the last three decades production of palm oil expanded at an annual rate of around 11.9%, although this has slowed to 10.6% annually in the last decade. This rapid growth was induced by growing global consumption and demand for vegetable oils. In the near future the growth rate is expected to slow down to around 4-7% annually”

— The Carbon Stock Study, December 2015.

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