Do you have reports in the QSR field (quick service restaurants) with market share data in terms of value across in Germany?

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Based on my review, we have reports that specifically discusses existing demand in the fast food restaurant industry in Germany.  We also have a report that discusses the percentage share of the European fast food market that is owned by the German Quick Service Restaurant with data starting from 2008. Reports are released by companies such as Franchise Pool International and Aladin Research Commons.  Many of these reports are conducted within colleges of business at the university level and can be viewed as rigorous scholarship and research in this industry.

“In 2010, Germany accounted for 17.5% of the European fast food market value with the Quick Service Restaurant being the largest segment…”

— Internationalization Process of h3 to the German Market, 2012

Additionally, we have a report that depicts the German Fast Food Market Segmentation by Value (%)

“The most significant segment is Quick Service Restaurants or QSR, which constitutes over half of the entire market. Most American fast food establishments fall into this category and would include restaurants like McDonald’s, KFC, Chipotle, and Taco Bell”

Hier Essen oder zum Mitnehmen:  Fast Food Germany, 2011

We also have reports that depict main competitors and the top 50 chains in this restaurant category, which are both native-German and international companies.

German Fast Food Market Share within Europe

Hier Essen oder zum Mitnehmen:  Fast Food Germany, 2011

Finally, we have a report that discusses a new company that has entered the German market, how many stores their opened and their earnings. This report also discusses their view of the competitive landscape in the fast food restaurant field in Germany and how their German stores fair compared to their stores in other countries.

“Therefore, together with the expected growth of 3.4% of the German fast food sector in 2014, it is reasonable to propose a greater number of stores to be opened in Germany in the first year than the number defined in the Spanish contract”

— Internationalization Process of h3 to the German Market, 2012

Finally, there are reports that continue to support the quick service industry in Germany.

“Despite its undoubted potential, convenience retailing remains an entirely new channel for German grocers, requiring a completely different strategic focus centering on quick service and fresh, ready-to-eat food”

— Value Redefined:  Retail in Germany and Europe, 2013

If you have any additional needs or questions about our reports, please feel free to contact us.