Do you have reports on seafood retailers and seafood markets in Australia?


Thank you for contacting ReportLinker.  Out of the many reports that we have access to about the seafood market in Australia, we have selected two in order to help with your question.

The first report is called Seafood Retailing in Australia.  It is a 27 page study that was published by Ibisworld in August 2015.  It covers how the industry is experiencing strong competition from the major supermarkets.  The scope of this report includes fish, shellfish and mollusks sold either in their natural state, filleted, smoked, salted, curried or in ready-to-eat meals. It looks at the market size, market share, disposition, growth, key sensitivities and success factors.  This report includes five year forecasts as well as an analysis of the key players and their market shares.  It also covers the industry life cycle, supply chain, products and services, demand and international trade.  Barriers to entry and the competitive landscape are also covered, as well as the impacts of industry globalization.  Within the profiles of the key players, this report covers their capital intensity, technology and systems, revenue and volatility, regulation and policy as well as industry assistance.

The second report is Fish and Seafood in Australia, published by Euromonitor International in July 2015.  In 11 pages, it analyzes the market, looking at its size, shape and segmentation.  It includes data on retail sales from 2010-2014 and provides forecasts on how the market is set to change to 2019.  It looks at the market drivers, the growing sectors, key success factors, new product developments, consumption patterns and distribution data.  There are also company profiles included in the report.  The seafood market grew 2% in 2014, with a total consumption of 272, 700 tons in Australia.  The main market drivers are increasing consumer awareness of fish being a healthy source of protein and having nutrients that are good for the body.  The popularity of Asian foods such as sushi is also helping to drive the market.

We hope this information has been helpful to you.  There is a lot of useful information about the food market in ReportLinker’s portal.  If you have any questions or further needs, please feel free to contact us.