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Our database has many reports on the latest trends in automotive innovation with country-level data.

Report 1: China drives the future of automotive innovation, GAO FENG, October 2015

This report specifies the ways China is revolutionizing the automobile for the future. According to this report, the modern automotive will develop to be the personal mobility device that are made of composites, designed for city use with lower driving speeds and crash avoidance technology. Additional innovations discussed in this report include the internet of things (IoT) integrated into the vehicle that is drive by the consumers desire to stay connected.  Other innovations that are discussed include electrification, light-weighting, connected and autonomous technologies as well as a service-oriented experience with on-demand options.

“Cars are set to become technologically and socially connected platforms, with the capability to facilitate interaction between vehicles and users with external objects, infrastructure and even enterprises” (pg 6).

— Gao Feng, October 2015

There is discussion on the vision of the future car, its features such as electric drivetrain, mobility on demand as well as advanced driver assistance and safety. Finally, there is a section of the implications for new competition in the value chain that will force growth in collaboration as well as research and development in order to stay in demand.

Report 2: Our vehicles-Innovation and safety, Toyota, January 2015

This report focuses on vehicle manufacturing in Australia with a new focus on reducing environmental impact as well as increasing fuel efficiency and reducing tailpipe emissions.  Technologies such as the hydrogen fuel-cell sedan, which offers the driving experience of a regular car while emitting no CO2 from the tail-pipe.  There is also an introduction on technologies such as hybrid efficiency using computer chips and cloud-based telematics that can monitor and operate home appliances that make life easier for customers.

Report 3:  The state of innovation in the automotive industry, Thomson Reuters, January 2015

This report is a comprehensive review of innovations and inventions in this industry. For example, there is a graph showing the number of automotive inventions by publication year.  In 2013, there were more than 40,000 automotive patent filings. There are details of the category breakdown of these inventions such as propulsion, navigation, handling, safety & security or entertainment. According to this report, Toyota filed for the most automotive patents between 2009 and 2013 followed by Bosch and Hyundai.  Additional details of the top innovators by category is also depicted.

automotive inventions

Finally, there is an introduction of the hot topics in innovation, which are fuel economy, telematics, autonomous driving, driver assistance and heads-up displays with detailed statistics on each of these topics.

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