Do you have some statistics of hybrid electric vehicles, their market share, forecast, market size in $ and etc.?

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We have many reports in the electric and hybrid car sector with data produced by top-level companies and subject matter experts (SMEs) in this fields like the Director of the Center for Automotive Research CAR.

“…not only have they wasted money on the blind-alley of plug-in hybrids, they are losing sales in the most profitable end of the luxury market to Tesla. Rich people who have formerly bought the flag-ship Mercedes S-Class, BMW 7 Series and Audi A8 are turning to the Tesla Model S”

— International Council on Clean Transportation, 2015

“IHS Automotive recently looked again at its medium to long-range forecasts and raised its prediction for battery only vehicles in 2020 a bit to just one per cent of the global market from just under one per cent”

— International Council on Clean Transportation, 2015

These reports provide detailed data on market share, market size and projections for manufacturers such as Tesla, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi and BMW.

We also have a report by an industry research leader, International Council on Clean Transportation, which specifically discusses the new registrations obtained on hybrid/electric passenger cars in Europe with additional insight into the market share of this category of cars compared among countries in Europe like Norway and the Netherlands.

Also, this reports has many charts comparing the market share of hybrid electric vehicles for each country in the European Union and shows how hybrid electric vehicles are the most purchased among the alternative powertrain vehicles (i.e. hybrid electric, battery electric, plug-in-hybridelectric).

Other charts include the market share of hybrid electric vehicles compared across many vehicle brands such as Volkswagen, Renault-Nissan, Peugeot, Ford, GM, Fiat among many others.

“At the manufacturer level, Toyota stands out with the highest share of hybrid-electric vehicles (27.8% of sales)”

— International Council on Clean Transportation, 2015

change in new electric car registrations between 2013 and 2014

— International Council on Clean Transportation, 2015

Another report discusses more in-depth the potential reasons for the low sales of hybrid/electric vehicles in Europe.

“Key factors that explain the low sales of electric vehicles / to be addressed to reach set targets: Consumer awareness and acceptance of electric vehicles (and related incentives)…”

— Element Energy, 2015

Another leading finance research company, Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research, produced a report forecasting the future growth rate of the hybrid/electric vehicle technology over the next 10 years through 2025. This growth rate is then calculating into the predicted number of vehicles sold that would be hybrid/electric powertrain.

“Among our four front-runner technologies, hybrid and electric vehicles are growing particularly rapidly, although from a relatively low base”

— The Low Carbon Economy: Taking off the training wheels, 2015

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