Do you know the the top ten pesticide companies in the United States by revenue? What about the top countries in the world for pesticide consumption? What kind of products are being imported to South America from China?

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We have many reports on the pesticide industry in the US, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Chile produced by Mercer Capital and Agro Care Latino America. For example:

We have a report by Mercer Capital, a business valuation and financial advisory company, which gives information on the top pesticide companies in the United States. The report states that Agrium Inc is the largest companies by sales followed by CF Industries Holdings Inc. It gives details on the key financials for the leading companies, including sales, enterprise value and EBITDA.

The report also has information on the share of herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides in the pesticide industry.

“Pesticide manufacturers cover a wide variety of products for household and agricultural pest control. Herbicides (60%), insecticides (20%), and fungicides (10%) make up the majority of industry products.”

— Mercer Capital, 2014

The Mercer Capital report gives information on the top agrochemical/pesticide markets by country in the world. Surprisingly, Brazil is the largest agrochemical market, larger than the US and China, which tend to dominate most markets globally.

Top ten Agrochemical markets by country in 2014

— ETC Group, 2015

Another report is by Agro Care Latin America, an association of Agro chemical companies based in South America. This gives information on the top pesticide products being exported from China to Latin America. It shows that glyphosate, paraquat, imidacloprid and glyphosate IPA were the top twenty products imported by value from China to Latin America. The document also provides the market shares of top agro chemicals companies in the world pesticide market. It states that Bayer, Monsanto, DuPont, DOW, BASF and Syngenta controlled about 75% of the business worldwide.

“Collective sales >$65 billion per annum in agrochemicals, seeds, biotech traits and control 75% of the global agrochemical market”

— ETC Group, 2015

Finally the Mercer Capital report also gives information on the major M&A deals in the Americas in this market. It has information on the acquisitions by CF Industrial Holdings Inc, FMC Corporation and Yara International ASA.

“CF Industrial Holdings Inc, a U.S. based nitrogen fertilizer manufacturer and distributor, completed its sale of its phosphate business to The Mosaic Company for $1.4 billion (approximately $1.0 billion net taxes and other adjustments), following an agreement announced in the fourth quarter of 2013.”

— Mercer Capital, 2014

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