Do you market data for the truck business in the USA and Canada in 2013, 2104, and for the 1st semester of 2015? Data for the top 5 OEMs in USA and their evolution.

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Two main reports in our database have data and statistics regarding the many facets of the truck manufacturing industry in these geographies and for these years.

Report 1

General Motors produced a report with a specific chart of the US market share breakdown in 2013 for Honda, Hyundai-Kia, Ford, Toyota, GM and Others (General Motors Motor Vehicle Industry Report, Jan, 2015).

Report 2

A report was sourced by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory that includes market share statistics in the form of charts and graphs among the top manufacturers between 2009 and 2013 by class of vehicle including new light trucks versus cars.

“Import light trucks reached their peak share in 1981 at almost 27% but accounted for just 16% in 2013”

— 2014 Vehicle Technologies, 2014

These data are also reported by manufacturer.  This report is a high level industry analysis with reputable sources about other aspects of the industry including sales indices from 1980 to 2014, and performance data by manufacturer.  This report also shows that Ford F-series was the top new fleet truck sold in 2013 and provides data of new truck registrations for more than 6 manufacturers that also allows you to assess market share.

car and light truck sales shares by Manufacturers in 2013

— 2014 Vehicle Technologies, 2014

Finally, this report also shows the market share of the top ten tier 1 global suppliers in 2013 and North American suppliers in 2013, which are companies that sell directly to the OEMs as well as other market share analyses by vehicle technology.  This will give you a full picture of how market share is assessed in this area.

Essentially, this is a comprehensive report that seems to have the direct answer to your question.

Report 3

Another report by the Great American Group shows the growth in demand for buses and trucks.

“IBISWorld forecasts industry revenue will grow at an average annual rate of 1.9% to $34.2 billion over the five years to 2020”

— Great American Group, Transportation Monitor, 2015

Report 4

Finally, another report by Kyaw Sie Hein shows statistics of market share for vehicle classes such as light duty trucks:

“Their main competitor is General Motors Corp, with light truck sales securing 10.6% of total car market shares. In the second place, Ford Motor Company comes with light truck sales – 10.3 % of total car market”

— Light Commercial Vehicle in the US, 2015.

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