Do you have reports about digital marketing strategies for the beverage industry?


Thank you for getting in touch with ReportLinker.  From our many reports, we have selected three that we hope will help with your query.

The first report is Socintel360’s Best Practices in Developing and Executing Social Media Mobile Marketing Strategies – Food & Beverage Industry in the US.  This 110 page study was released in May 2014.  It investigates how mobile and social media is converging with the food and beverage industry and enabling them to capitalize on new opportunities that will help them gain market share and strengthen their brand image.  Marketers are gaining a greater understanding of consumer behavior and gaining in their abilities to target consumers.  Because of this, beverage companies are running integrated campaigns across platforms and advertising channels with social media and mobile as the central elements.  Social media mobile marketing is essentially reshaping operational structure and strategic focus for food and beverage companies.  This report looks at the strategies that food and beverage manufacturers can take to engage with their market using social media mobile marketing.

The next report was released by Socintel360 in May 2015Digital & Social Media Marketing Strategies for Alcoholic Beverages is 8 pages long and looks at how social media marketing is critical for brands to engage with their market.  It investigates the best strategies to create awareness, drive sales and launch new products.  It looks at the opportunities, trends and innovation that is occurring in the market, including virtual reality, location based marketing, content marketing and experiential marketing.

The final report is The State of Drinks Industry Social Media.  It was published by Just Drinks/IWSR in October 2015.  This 28 page study looks at the success of social media and how it is affecting the market.  It looks at the challenges and opportunities, as well as how brands can create connections with their consumers.  Event led campaigns, community led campaigns, cause led campaigns and sales promotion led campaigns are all investigated.  Regional differences are also looked at, to see how this might affect international campaigns.

We hope this information has been helpful to you.  There is a lot of useful information about the beverage industry in ReportLinker’s portal.  If you have any questions or further needs, please feel free to contact us.