How is the wearable devices market performing?

This is a popular market with many featured reports in our database. A few are highlighted below.

Report 1: Tractica Research Report:  Wearable Device Market Forecasts, January 2016

This is probably the most comprehensive report that discusses how well this market is performing.  There is data to show the revenues and total device shipments worldwide from 2015 and estimated through 2021. This report discusses that the fitness trackers and smart watches are driving the growth in this sector.  Although, for example, the Apple Watch performed lower than expected but was the largest revenue generator in this market.

“Tractica forecasts that the market for wearable devices will continue to demonstrate healthy growth between 2015 and 2021, with total shipments for all wearable devices projected to grow from 85 million in 2015 to 560 million in 2021, representing…” (pg 2).

— Tractica Research Report:  Wearable Device Market Forecasts, January 2016

There is more detailed analysis of the smart watches and fitness tracker revenues. Additional markest include wearable cameras, smart glasses, body sensors and smart clothing, which are also detailed in this report.

Report 2: Global wearable device market:  Key research findings, October 2014

This report by the Yano Research Institute in Japan specifies the global market for wearable devices. This report echos the findings from previous reports that the smart bands have driven the growth of the sector globally with 4.39 million units shipped followed by smart watches with 2.295 million units shipped in 2013.  There is a projection for the total number of units expected to ship in 2017. There is also detail of domestic sales within Japan with the awareness rising of wearable devices but not fully acknowledged.


Report 3: Manufacturing Market Insider: Global Wearable Device Market to Skyrocket?, October 2014

This report published by Google predicts the global wearable device market to skyrocket.  In 2014, the largest segment was the lifestyle and entertainment wearable products such as wristbands, chest straps and smart garments followed by components such as Bluetooth/WiFi combo chips, display technologies, GOS chips and others.

There are many charts depicted the current state of the market including the market share of wearables by subsegment in 2014 and the predicted market share in 2020. Manufacturing companies that are profiled include Universal Scientific Industrial from Taiwan, LG Display from South Korea, TPK Display from Taiwan as well as major brands such as Google, Apple, Motorola, LG, HTC and ASUS.

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