I am interested in knowing more about road safety solutions in India. Do you have some reports, statistics or forecast?

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Thank you for contacting ReportLinker and submitting your question.  Out of the many reports that we have about automotive industry, we have selected two reports to help you with your query.

The first report, Addressing the Road Safety Need in India was published by Frost and Sullivan in January 2016.  This 19 page study looks at vehicle safety systems to reduce traffic fatalities on Indian roads.  An estimated 207,551 people died in road accidents in India, according to the World Health Organization’s Global Road Safety Report 2015.  Motorcyclists, pedestrians and cyclists made up half of these deaths.  Some of the main factors for this high figure include unsafe road infrastructure, vehicles that are in poor condition and high-speed vehicles sharing the road with vulnerable road users.  The government has recently proposed mandating crash tests for cars and introducing airbag  and ABS regulations.  India has experienced tremendous growth in the automotive sector over the past ten years.  It is now the world’s fifth largest automotive market.  India is the only country in the top ten car market to lack proper safety regulations.  This report includes figures on the growth of the automobile market, the percentage of GDP that road transport contributes to the economy and the percentage that is lost due to road fatalities.  It looks at historical data from 2009-2014 and also provides forecasts to 2019.  It also includes data on the growth rates for both of these periods.

The second report is Infiniti Research Limited’s Traffic Safety Market in India 2015-2019.  This 73 page study was published in January 2015 and it includes information on traffic safety equipment such as guardrails, crash cushions, median barriers, end treatments, breakaway supports for signs and light standards, as well as truck escape ramps.  This report provides an analysis of the industry and makes forecasts for the 2015-2019 period.  The compound annual growth rate over this time is expected to be 17.27%.  This report looks at the market size, competitive market, growth prospects and the key players.

We hope this information has been helpful to you.  There is a lot of useful information about the automotive industry in ReportLinker’s portal.  If you have any questions or further needs, please feel free to contact us.