I am looking for a global industry analysis of the beer market in Europe (market size, share, growth, trends and forecast), have anything?


Thank you for your question.  Reportlinker has access to the information you want.

This report published by Transparency Market Research in April 2015, features a full analysis of the European beer market.  It contains information on the size, share, growth, trends and a forecast from 2015-2021.

The European beer market is ruled by local players, without any considerable international presence.  Ukraine and Russia are some of the growing markets, as the taste for beer drifts to Eastern Europe.  Despite strong growth in these areas, the total European market is expected to have stable growth due to the high market penetration in Western and Northern Europe.  Beer consumption in Europe is higher than both wine and spirit consumption, with Germany having the largest market share, followed by the UK.  Demand is being boosted in Europe by the health benefits associated with modest consumption, such as a reduced risk of kidney stones.  Silicon and fiber also add to beer’s nutritional content.  Another market driver is rising disposable income after the previous economic slowdown.  

One restraint on the beer market is all of the internal and external substitutes that are available.  These include wine, spirits, carbonated drinks, dairy, RTD tea, coffee and energy drinks.  The major players in the industry include Anheuser-Busch InBev, SAB Miller PLC, Heineken N.V., Carlsberg Group and Diageo.

The report is segmented into product types; ale, lager and stout; as well as Country; Germany, the U.K., Italy, Spain, France and the Rest of Europe.  It includes drivers, restraints and opportunities as well as Porter’s Five Forces analysis and a value chain analysis.  The report also shows the current market size, average selling prices and trends that will impact demand.

This report will help manufacturers, suppliers and distributors understand trends and formulate their strategies.

I hope you find this useful, and can see that there is a lot of useful information available through the portal about the beverage industry. If you have any additional needs or questions about our reports, please feel free to contact us.