I am looking for a report that can give me a global vision about the auto parts market in China. Manufacturing, stores, wholesales, etc.


Thank you for contacting Reportlinker.  Out of the many reports that we have access to, we have selected three to help answer your question.

The first report, Auto Parts Manufacturing in China was released in April 2015 by Ibisworld.  This report features an overview of the Chinese market, as well as information on international trade and industry globalization.  It looks at the external drivers, the current performance of the industry and also provides an outlook for the future.  The report also investigates the supply chain, products and services, demand and major markets.  It covers the market share concentration, key success factors, cost structure benchmarks, competition and barriers to entry.  There are also profiles of the key players in the industry.  These include Wanxiang Group, Beijing Hyundai Mobis Auto Part Co. Ltd., Shanghai Huizhong Automotive Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Changcun FAWAY Automobile Components Co. Ltd. and United Auto Electronic Systems Co. Ltd.  The study looks at the operating conditions in the industry, covering capital intensity, technology and systems, revenue volatility, regulation and policy, as well as industry assistance.  It includes information on the scope, market size, market shares, disposition, growth, sensitivities and success factors.  Five year industry forecasts are also made in the report.

The second report is titled Auto & Parts Wholesaling in China.  It is a 32 page study published by Ibisworld in June 2015 that gives an overview of the Chinese market, as well as investigating industry globalization and international trade.  It has a similar scope and coverage to the previous report, however it covers wholesaling rather than manufacturing.  The major players that are profiled in this study are FAW-VW Sales Co. Ltd., Shanghai VW Automobile Sales Co. Ltd., China FAW Group Import & Export Corporation, Shanghai Automobile Import & Export Co. Ltd. and FAW Toyota Motor Sales Co. Ltd..

The final 36 page report was released in November 2014 by  IbisworldAuto Parts Stores in China  has a similar scope to the previous reports, however it investigates the retailing aspect of the industry.  The key players that are covered are Jiangsu Gaoli Group, Lamba Auto Parts Chain Stores Co. Ltd., Shanghai Datang Auto Parts Chain Co. Ltd, Shanghai Topart Enterprise Development Co. Ltd. and Shanghai Haimeng Auto Parts Chain Stores Co. Ltd..

We hope this information has been helpful to you.  There is a lot of useful information about the automotive industry in Reportlinker’s portal.  If you have any questions or any further needs, please feel free to contact us.