I am looking for data concerning the movement of auto parts between the US and Mexico.

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Our database has some reports on the auto parts industry that can meet your needs.  Below are the most recent and relevant.

Report 1 –“2015 Top Markets Report Automotive Parts”, U.S. Department of Commerce, July 2015.

The commercial relationship between Mexico and the US remains strong as Mexico is the second largest export market for U.S. auto parts. It is clearly an excellent market for the US because of its size and the shared border. According to the Mexican Association of Automotive Industry (AMIA), since 2010, the auto sales have shown consistent growth (from 820,406 units in 2010 to 1,063,363 units in 2013).

mexico automotive market— US. Department of Commerce, July 2015.

“Since 2009, U.S. auto parts exports to Mexico have more than doubled from $12.1 billion to over $26.5 billion in 2013 and over $29 billion in 2014”

—  US. Department of Commerce, July 2015.

Report 2 – “Mexico Regional Sectorial Outlook Second Half 2015”, BBVA Research, January 2015

This report shows how there is a strong consolidation in the region due to how the automotive industry is closely integrated with the US.

 “The high level of integration is evidenced by the rising flow of auto-parts trade between the United States and Mexico. For example, Mexico’s auto-parts imports from the United States are 60% of the flow imported by the United States from Mexico. This implies that for a vehicle manufactured in the United States around 30% of the value of its components has been manufactured in Mexico.”

– BBVA Research, January 2015

mexico automotve market us autoparts

– BBVA Research, January 2015

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