I am particularly interested in knowing the forecast in consumption for canned food in the US, what do you have in your reports?

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Thank you for submitting your question.

Our database has two main reports with forecasts for the canned food industry that will answer your question.

Report 1: Consumer Trends:  Confectionary in the US, October 2013

Our database contains a report specific to the forecast of U.S. organic canned/preserved food (excluding ready meals, soup and pasta) retail sales in US$ Millions between 2011 and 2017.  This table also contains the compound annual growth rate between 2012 and 2017 compared to 2011/2012.

“During the forecast period of 2012-2017, growth in this category is expected to increase to a CAGR of 5.2%. This will bring the category’s sales for 2017 to a projected US$549.5 million” (pg 11).

—  Confectionary in the US, October 2013

Finally, this report contains the same level of statistics for US organic soups as well.


Report 2: Processed Foods: Global Food Processing, GBD Network, April 2015

This report contains very specific data as to the forecast of consumption of canned food in the United States and also provides an estimated forecast of global consumption in 2019.  Given the data presented that the US accounts for 20% of global consumption and assuming that the rate does not change over time, it is easy to estimate the value consumed in 2019 with this report (pg 4).

“The United States leads in world consumption of canned and preserved foods, accounting for 20% of the total consumed in 2014, which was valued at USD 19.5 billion” (pg 4).

— Global Food Processing, GBD Network, April 2015


I hope you find this useful, and can see that there is a lot of useful information available through the portal about the food industry. If you have any additional needs or questions about our reports, please feel free to contact us.