I am researching in the field of logistics specifically for e-commerce, do you have a report that would fit my need?


Thanks for sending your question to Reportlinker.  Here is the information you asked for:

This report published by Transport Intelligence in January 2015, features information on the logistics of Global e-commerce, including a detailed analysis of the trends and challenges facing the supply chain.

As of 2015, Global e-commerce was estimated at €140 billion, and the logistics is constantly changing to keep pace with this rapidly innovating market.  This report answers many questions that you may have, such as:

  • Will Uber and crowd-shipping be the future of the last mile delivery market?
  • Is free shipping sustainable?
  • How are retailers investing in e-commerce logistics?
  • Which regions have the most growth potential?
  • What does the future of the industry hold?

This report is essential for anyone in the e-commerce industry, as it offers new information on the market size, as well as forecasts and an analysis of current trends and developments.  It provides valuable information for C-level executives, investors, marketing and knowledge managers, logistics procurement managers, supply chain managers and directors, consultants and financial analysts.

The report features an introduction, an e-commerce market overview, the importance of logistics in e-commerce, e-commerce supply chain profiles; e-commerce logistics market size, regional e-commerce trends, logistics provider profiles and the next big thing.

I hope you find this useful, and can see that there is a lot of useful information available through the portal about the e-commerce industry. If you have any additional needs or questions about our reports, please feel free to contact us.