I need a report about Oral Hygiene in the US.

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Thank you for submitting this inquiry. We have several reports about the healthcare industryand reports on this topic tend to be provided on the state-level.

Report 1:  Oral Health in Missouri 2014, Jan 2014

Specific to the state of Missouri, this report discusses the oral hygiene habits and statistics of oral hygiene. This report describes the oral health trends including dental visits, prevalence of tooth decay/gum disease, smoking/chewing tobacco status, teeth cleaning, non-traumatic dental complaints, and hospitalizations due to these complaints.

Report 2: Wisconsin Health Smiles Survey, Pathology in Wisconsin, Jan 2015

This report, specific to Wisconsin, discusses the oral health of older adults in this state from a survey conducted in 2012. Results discussed include percent of older adults with tooth loss, percent of edentulous older adults with dentures by setting (meal sites versus nursing home), untreated decay and root fragments, suspicious soft tissue lesions, treatment urgency, periodontal health, and dry mouth.

Report 3: June 2014 Version, Occupational Health in Indiana

This report is specific to the state of Indiana and discusses the prevalence and incidence of oral health issues in residents.  It represents a baseline estimate of the current oral health status of the residents. Data includes the oral health status of 3rd grade children, dental extractions, cleft lip and cleft palate cases, morbidity and mortality due to oral disease.  Finally, this report discusses influencing factors such as demographics, genetics, diet, oral hygiene (such as plaque buildup and teeth cleaning), access and utilization of oral health care services.  Then there is a discussion on protective factors for dental decay in children such as fluoridation and dental sealants.  Finally, there a presentation on the dentistry workforce in Indiana and future trends.

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— Occupational Health in Indiana

Report 4:  Keep Mom Smiling, Cigna Company Report, Jan 2015

This report is provided by one of the top healthcare insurance providers, Cigna and discusses oral health during pregnancy among women in the United States. It includes statistics such as percent of women who admit they have oral health issues during pregnancy, percent of women who don’t have a dental checkup while expecting, and percent of those whose habits slipped say they don’t have time.

Other State-Level Reports:

  1. State Narrative for Nebraska: Healthcare in the US, Sept 2014
  2. State Narrative for Alabama: Medical in the US, Sept 2014
  3. State Narrative for Missouri: Healthcare in the US, Sept 2014
  4. Oral Health State Plan 2.0: Occupational Health in West Virginia (USA), Sept. 2015

I hope you find this useful, and can see that there is a lot of useful information available through the portal about the healthcare industry. If you have any additional needs or questions about our reports, please feel free to contact us.