I need information about the challenges that Africa has to face in the agriculture industry.

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Our database has some reports about the agriculture industry in Africa that can meet your needs.  Below are the most recent and relevant.

Report 1 – “”Making Agricultural Productivity Work for Food Security and Poverty Reduction”, African Union, December 2015.

This report can offer a quick overview to understand the current situation of Africa in the agriculture industry. It shows and explains the neglect of the industry over several decades. We can name as examples of inadequate policies: weakly-staffed and poorly funded agricultural research and development systems, little agricultural area under sustainable land and water management, negligible use of improved inputs and limited mechanization between others. In other terms, the lack of priority given to this sector has end up in a severe undercapitalization of the agriculture.

“Overall, the combined effects of these features have included stagnating or declining agricultural productivity, weak backward and forward linkages between agriculture and other sectors, increased food insecurity, and natural resource and environmental degradation.”

— African Union, December 2015.

Report 2 – “Food security in Africa Water on oil”, PWC, December 2015.

In this report we will see a detailed explanation about one of the main challenges of the agriculture industry in Africa: the climate change. The agriculture industry per se is highly vulnerable to weather conditions. It’s now know that temperatures in African will increase faster than the average, and the industry will have to respond fast to secure its own food security.

 “Many African governments already have mitigation plans in place, with 30 countries including agricultural mitigation in their INDCs so far, but now the challenge will be to balance agricultural growth with these mitigation objectives.”

— PWC, December 2015.

Report 3 – “The Impact of Trade Regimes on Industrialization; Trade and Technological Diffusion in the East African Community”, Economic Commission for Africa, February 2016.

In this study the importance of the transformation of agriculture into a modern, productive sector is remarked. It will also give detailed information and figures about how each country is positioned to make front to the new transformation challenges. In this figure for example, the data shows that growth of agricultural total factor productivity in the region was less than growth rates of other developing and developed countries in the 2000s.

agricultural productivity growth africa

— Economic Commission for Africa, February 2016.

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