I need Luxury Hotels Market Insights.


Thank you for contacting ReportLinker.  To help with your request, we have selected four reports out of the many that we have access to about the tourism industry.

The first report is Canadean Ltd’s The Global Luxury Hotels Market to 2019.  Published in January 2016, this 172 page study shows the strong growth of the market, thanks to an expanding travel and tourism sector, as well as a rise in ultra high net-worth individuals.  The largest market for luxury hotels was the Americas, closely followed by the Asia Pacific region, where it was expected that 5,200 new high-end hotels would open in 2015The US had a 27% share of the market in 2014, valued at $46.6 billion, with a total of 303,320 rooms available.  Japan had the highest occupancy rates, at 90.9%.  Hong Kong had the highest average revenue per room available, at $354.  Mexico had the highest number of guests at 29.2 million, while France had the fastest growing market in terms of rooms available and revenues.  This report features detailed regional analyses, a look at the key performance indicators and a forecast to 2019.

The next one, Global Luxury Travel Trends Report, was published by Euromonitor International in December 2015.  This 47 page study documents the change in luxury travel from conspicuous consumption to more meaningful and authentic travel experiences.  More luxury travel companies are converting to mobile technology and international luxury travel is expected to grow in emerging markets.  This report looks at the size and shape of the market, buzz topics, emerging trends as well as industry issues.  It features forecasts on how the market is expected to change as well as the criteria for success.

The third report,  Luxury Hotels Enter a New Era, was released by Euromonitor International in January 2015.  This 34 page study looks at the size and shape of the market, with information on the leading companies and brands, as well as innovation and the change within the market.  It looks at historic data and provides forecasts.  The Middle East is continuing to invest heavily in luxury travel, with demand being pushed by the rising disposable incomes of the middle class.

The final report is Travel & Tourism Intelligence Center’s Market Insights; Luxury Hotels UAE.  This 13 page study from January 2015 provides an overview of the market in the United Arab Emirates, analyzing the market data and providing insights.  More than 12 million foreigners visited in 2013, a figure that is forecast to reach 18.6 million by 2018.  The number of 5-star hotel rooms has grown much faster than other segments of the market.  The government continues to invest heavily in tourism.

We hope this information has been helpful to you.  There is a lot of useful information about the tourism industry in ReportLinker’s   portal.  If you have any questions or further needs, please feel free to contact us.