I want to start selling wines here in Nigeria, do you have market reports?

Good day,

Thank you for your inquiry.  Our database has several reports regarding the wine industry.  Below is a description of a few of the most relevant one.

Report 1:  Nigeria Wine Market, Mayfair Journals, Jan 2015

This report comprehensively discusses the Nigeria wine market including the market value, market share of wine within the total alcoholic beverage market and the value of wine. There is also detailed discussion of the wine consumers’ behavior and social demographics and the results of a consumer wine assessment (pg 6).  There are charts and graphs depicting the gender, age distribution, marital status, monthly income, and educational qualification of Nigeria wine consumers. There is also a chart depicted the frequency of wine consumption weekly.

“Nigeria alcoholic beverage (beer, wine and spirit) market is valued at $2 billion and has maintained an annual average growth of 6 percent since 2007. Market share by alcohol type indicates beer as the market leader – 55% followed by spirits – 30% and Wine – 15% (Rondon & Nzeka 2012)” (pg 2).

— Mayfair Journals, Jan 2015

age of wine consumers

— Mayfair Journals, Jan 2015

Report 2: Copyright and citation considerations for this thesis/dissertation, Wine in Nigeria and the US, April 2014

This report is actually a thesis from the University of Johannesburg describing Nigeria as an emerging market for wine production, supply chain logistics model, among others.  This is a study determining the factors that influence the effectiveness of the last mile distribution, human resources factors impacting this process (such as low labour costs, employee commitment, employee motivation, and sales force training), management factors, factors limiting the transportation of wine , port and terminal related limitations, customer limitations, and governmental distribution limitations. There are also strategies discussed to improve the distribution process.

Report 3: Segmenting the Nigerian Wine Market, Mayfair Journals, Wine in Nigeria

This report is important when embarking on selling wines in this market.  It discusses market segmentation of wine consumers in Nigeria, psychographic attributes, socio-demographic attributes, and behavioral attributes. Result showed a demographic landscape of the market using a sample, value statements about wine, pleasure/interest statements about wine, and lifestyle statements about wine.  A cluster analysis rendered three different market segments:  Greenhorn, Enthused and Die Hard consumers as well as detailed descriptions of these market segments.

I hope you find this useful, and can see that there is a lot of useful information available through the portal about the beverage industry. If you have any additional needs or questions about our reports, please feel free to contact us.