I would like to have some information about the impact of ecommerce in the automotive industry. Can you recommend me something?

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Thank you for contacting ReportLinker.  Out of the many reports that we have access to about the automotive industry, we have selected two that will give you information on eCommerce in the automotive industry.

The first report, Executive Outlook of the Future of Automotive Retail, was published in June 2015 by Frost and Sullivan.  This 118 page study analyzes the impact of digitization on the new car and parts retail industry.  It features an overview of global trends and the disruptive impact the technology will have on the industry.  It looks at the transformation that is occurring in the industry and it investigates the current and future strategies of key players and also discusses recommendations for stakeholders.  The original equipment manufacturers are using different strategies, such as revamped showrooms, retail portals, pop-up stores and product qualified staff.  The report provides case studies of the major players, including their latest initiatives and innovations.

The second report is called Opportunity Analysis of eRetailing for Automotive Tires in EuropePublished by Frost and Sullivan in August 2015, this 77 page study analyzes the opportunities for eRetailing tires in Europe.  It looks at historical data from 2011-2014 and provides forecasts until 2021Market dynamics, revenue forecasts, competitive benchmarking and company profiles are all covered in the report.  It looks at key European countries and the tires sold through online auctions or retail.  It investigates the potential market challenges and presents possible solutions.  Some of the report findings include that eRetailing will continue to grow in Europe at the expense of traditional retailing.    The tire aftermarket in Europe is dominated by European brands such as Michelin and Continental.  Continental is expected to increase their market share, while Asian brands are likely to advance in the non-premium market, due to their lower prices.

We hope this information has been helpful to you.  There is a lot of useful information about the automotive industry in ReportLinker’s portal.  If you have any questions or any further needs, please feel free to contact us.