Looking to buy market data for long-term health care market in the US. Do you have data that shows market size, market size change year over year?


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Based on the question, I believe your meaning of long-term healthcare may include nursing home care, home health services or others alike.  Our database has a report discussing ‘long-term’ healthcare specifically.

Besides this terminology, it will be useful to use the search terms ‘nursing home services,’ ‘home health services, and/or ‘assisted-living services.’

Report 1: Health care price growth back to historic low 1.0%, Altarum Institute, Nov 2015

This report has a chart that shows the healthcare prices and related statistics with 12-month growth rates from Sept 2013 through Sept 2015.

“Health care prices in September 2015 were 1.0% higher than in September 2014, down from 1.2% in August, and returned to the multidecade low hit in August 2013. The September 2015 12-month moving average dropped to 1.2%, tying the all-time low for our data” (pg 1).

— Altarum Institute, Nov 2015

There are also charts in the year-over-year growth rates in selected health categories including nursing home care and home health comparing September 2014 to September 2015.

There is a chart of the annualized percentage change in prices for the major components of national health expenditures from Sept 2013 through Sept 2015 in 10 categories including home health care, nursing home care and others.

price grow healthcare in the us

— Altarum Institute, Nov 2015

This is a very comprehensive report that contains many answers to your question.

Using the search terms ‘nursing home services,’ there are many reports provided by each individual state about their nursing home markets as well as predictions through 2030 on the number of needed beds.

  • Status of Long-term services and supports: Nursing Facilities, Minnesota State Legislature, Aug 2015
  • Quantifying the impacts of limited supply: the case of nursing homes, Nursing Home in Wisconsin, June 2015
  • The Welfare Effects of Provide Reimbursement Rates: Evidence from the Nursing Home Industry, Nursing Home in Pennsylvania, Nov 2013

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