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SCIP : A CEO’s Perspective on Intelligence

May 10, 2021

ON-DEMAND INTELLICON KEYNOTE SESSION A CEO’s Perspective on Intelligence We live in a disruptive age, one of rapidly shifting consumer preferences, incumbents being rendered obsolete by new market entrants, and a volatile global policy environment. […]

SCIP: Total Addressable Market for CI Modeling

May 6, 2021

BEST PRACTICE RECOMMENDATIONS To focus their intelligence efforts and grow market share CI professionals need to be conversant with several different approaches of estimating Total Addressable Market. Thanks to our sponsorship of the upcoming SCIP […]

Health and Wellness: Lactose-Free Milk, a Growing Trend

August 3, 2020

The dairy industry is witnessing a massive transformation as the consumer preferences are gradually changing, owing to the increasing awareness toward health and wellness. Consumers globally have off-late realized that traditional dairy is unsuitable for […]

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