Samsung Galaxy S8: Did Samsung Succeed in Restoring Trust?

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Establishing credibility and trust is a hard quest for every business and it takes time to really anchor it. All the incidents that occurred last Fall with smartphones’ safety weakened the trust customers had for mobile manufacturers.

Even though a majority of smartphones’ owners are still confident in the safety of their smartphones (81%), players in the smartphone industry suffered at different times. After Samsung, Apple may also have been impacted: its customers are now less often trusting their brand (79%, -12 pts compared to October 2016), returning then to the industry level. It is a major point Apple should be aware of, before launching its iPhone 8 next September.  

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Samsung engaged in a worldwide mass communication plan in order to reassure customers about the quality of their smartphones as well as to win back the confidence lost after the Note 7 crisis.

And it may have worked, especially with Samsung’s customers in the US, as a new survey by ReportLinker shows. For more than half (52%) of smartphones’ owners, the future Samsung Galaxy S8 would be of better quality than their previous ones, and more significantly for Samsung’s customers (63%). However, the opinion is not shared with Apple’s customers, who are more likely to believe that Samsung’s new-born would be of less quality than their last ones.

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The perception of the smartphone’s quality translates in an interest of buying as more than half of respondents (56%), mentioned their interest in buying the new Samsung smartphone. This is especially true for Samsung’s customers who are more often very interested (37%).  Respondents who think the new Samsung S8 would be of better quality are also more likely to be very interested in buying it, which is not the case for respondents not seeing an improvement in the quality of Samsung products.

The loyalty of Samsung’s customers seems to be unbreakable. Nearly 9 out of 10 customers would consider the brand for a next purchase, and it is more often a certitude than it was five months ago (+15 pts).

This survey conducted by ReportLinker reached 502 online respondents representative of the US population and owning a smartphone. Interviews were conducted between March, 23rd and March, 24th 2017.