Samsung’s Note 7 Crisis: The Page is Turning For The South-Korean Brand

Even with the Samsung’s Note 7 crisis, the safety of their smartphones is not a concern for a large majority of US respondents (84%).

The crisis may have a restricted impact as it has only affected some Samsung customers, a new survey by ReportLinker shows.

Even if the majority of Samsung customers (80%) are still confident, some of them are more likely to be less reassured (19% disagree) than other phone owners. Considering its nearest competitor in the mobile phone industry, iPhone owners are more likely to be strongly confident (49%) in the safety of their phones compared to other phone customers.

The way Samsung managed the Note 7 crisis didn’t find endorsement among Americans, as 60% of them have a negative attitude toward Samsung’s reactivity.

Even though its profits fell, the brand is strong. Samsung’s customers are still loyal: for their next phone purchase, more than the three quarters of them (86%) would consider Samsung. This should encourage the brand for its S8.

Former Samsung’s customers would go instead to its biggest competitor in order to buy their next phone. Apple may be the biggest winner of Samsung’s fiasco. Half of former Samsung’s customers would switch to Apple and the remaining would switch to LG or Google.