Telecoms and 5G global trends: Overview per region, Top Asian Markets, Europe’s 3.5GHz spectrum

5G is without a doubt the next big evolution in mobile technologies. In 2018, there has become an obvious “race to market” competition around the world with operators and governments wanting to be first to capture the opportunities presented by the new technology.

Let’s have a look at the key upcoming developments selected by ReportLinker’s top analysts:

  • Many countries are demonstrating progress towards 5G readiness
Many countries around the world are conducting their own trials and testing of 5G while waiting for the full global standards to be developed.
Our analysts have identified over 20 countries demonstrating progress towards 5G development, with representation from Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.
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  • Australia set to become one of 4 top Asian 5G markets
5G services in Australia are scheduled to be launched from 2020.
Australia is predicted to be one of the top four markets that will drive the growth of 5G in Asia. The country is projected to become the world’s largest 5G market by 2025, as networks are rolled out in urban areas and handset vendors integrate 5G chipsets into mobile devices.
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  • Europe: Finland’s Elisa claiming 5G scalp
Finland has long been at the forefront of mobile technology developments. In 2017, Elisa has been awarded 13 trial licenses to test 5G services in the 3.5 – 3.8GHz range.
Today, Elisa claims to have launched the first ‘commercial’ 5G service (in Tampere, Finland and Tallinn, Estonia).
Spectrum licenses for 5G will not be auctioned until later this year and the spectrum will not be made available until early 2019.
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