Top 3 Challenges in the Education & Training Industry

What do your peers think about Education & Training Industry?

Education Industry & Training Industry professionals state that they have to face 3 main kinds of problems: the availability of up-to-date technology tools is still quite limited, traditional teaching has to cope with elearning teaching, and finally, they suffer from a lack of financial means to help and encourage employees training.

Education & Training Top 3 Peer Challenges

number-1Up-to-date Technology

It is a real challenge to ensure teachers have the most up-to-date technology, even in rural areas and developing countries, to be able to deliver computer-based teaching. Accessibility and equity are key. 

number-2Traditional Teaching Evolution

Traditional teaching now has to cope with elearning availability, and adapt the methodology, to make sure both learnings are compatible and qualitative.

number-3Employees Training

Employees continue to disregard the importance of education & training during their careers. This should be pushed and promoted by companies, instead of going through cutting training budgets.

Other Education Industry Challenges

  • Education Budget is often the first one to be trimmed in case of a cost cutting exercise
  • Assessment validity
  • Meeting the changing needs of governments and regulators

Research-­based education trends and short-term forecast

Research states that in Denmark the education industry is facing the following challenges: shortage of highly-skilled workers by 2020, the highest performance differences between migrant and non-migrant pupils in the EU, improving the attractiveness, image and some quality aspects of the vocational education and training system, strengthening of the career guidance at the lower and upper secondary school, limited permeability between vocational bachelor programmes and general master’s programmes, making the system less efficient (Council of the European Union).

In 2035 enrollment rates will increase globally across all education levels and almost all children will go to school, which will have a positive effect on literacy rates across the world. By 2035 only 18% of the population in Africa will be enrolled in tertiary education compared to Europe’s 67,5% (Roland Berger).

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