Top 3 Challenges in the Healthcare Industry

What do your peers think about Healthcare Industry?

Many Industry professionals have to face a lack of support from their governments and their related agencies. They also feel concerned by technology innovation becoming a key element to better communicate and remain connected to patients. Moreover, more and more diseases are getting resistant to drugs.

Healthcare Top 3 peer challenges

number-1Governmental Support

Companies in the healthcare sector state that they are not getting enough support from the government regarding their operations, which leads to a dysfunctional healthcare system due to lack and/or limited human resources, poor facilities, and quality of care.

number-2Technology Innovation

Communication with patients really needs to be improved: it requires to create new technology tools to facilitate (online) communication and follow-up with patients, and to accelerate the process of receiving test results.

number-3Drug Resistance and ineffectiveness

A big challenge in the healthcare industry is drug resistance, resulting to an inability to cure diseases. This is mainly due to microbes adapting to their environments and changing in ways that ensure their survival, and because of inappropriate dosages given by General Practitioners.

Other Challenges­

  • Rising per capita profitability in pharmerging markets
  • Orphan diseases
  • Qualified workforce

Research-­based trends and short-term forecast

Research shows that the challenges in the global healthcare industry include inequalities to healthcare access; concerns 1.3 billion people; impoverishing costs, erosion of trust, etc. Annual government health expenditures are $20 per person in low income and $6,000 per person in high income countries (WHO).

The global telecare market is projected to increase at a CAGR of 5%, from about £1 billion to £1,2 billion in 2018, and the global telehealth market will increase from £700 million (2014) to £1,2 billion. By 2018, the global digital health market will double from £23 billion in 2014 to £43 billion (Deloitte).

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