Top 3 Challenges in Leisure Industry

What do your peers think about Leisure Industry?

Leisure professionals are in an industry that can be wide and diverse, but they can still found some common challenges. They show an important concern in the emergency of new sales channels, as e-commerce sites. They are also seeing difficulties on the implementation of customer relationship strategies that could help them to enlarge the market. Finally, find investors or sponsors can be a difficult goal to achieve.

Leisure Top 3 peer challenges

  number-1Adopting e-commerce

Customers are migrating to web and mobile sites and checking out different digital sources before making a purchase decision. Companies must adapt their sales channels if they want to be successful.

number-2 Developping Customer relationship

Customers expectations are more and more diversified. That’s why it becomes difficult to undestand what they’re looking for and how to communicate the advantage of the different values of the product, but also hard to engage and retain them.

number-3Securing investment and funding

Finding investors to finance growth and development can be hard, as also be aligned with the sponsor to meet expectations on the both sides.

Other challenges

  •    Customer service and experience.
  •    Different regulations in international markets.
  •    Guarantee protection and security in two important dimensions: people and equipment. .

Research-based challenges and short-term forecast

A new generation is growing and is changing the rules. To make front to the customer’s new expectations, leisure industry will have to start thinking in customized products and services. Understanding this new segment of customers (Millennials mostly) require investment in new marketing and technological efforts (Deloitte).

To meet new customers’ expectations, the leisure industry will have to learn how to work with customer experience analytics. It will be not only important to start collecting feedback and information, but to know how to analyse it correctly afterwards to turn this information into concrete actions that deliver on ROI (KPMG).


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