Relationship US-China: 56% of Americans Disagree With Trump’s Diplomacy.

Donald Trump’s investiture will happen in less than 10 days and will officially mark the fresh start of a new era, not only for the US but also for the world.

Even though some hints emerged through Trump’s recent tweets, the relationship between the US and China is expected to completely change under the new president’s politics.

Trump’s diplomacy is not getting all Americans’ approval until now: 56% of Americans disagree with his diplomacy, according to a new survey by ReportLinker. However, opinions diverge depending on political views. Republicans are more likely to agree (83%) to their future president’s way of dealing on the international ground. On the other side, Democrats more often strongly disagree with Trump’s diplomacy (74%).

56% of Americans disagree with Donald Trump's diplomacy.

Trump’s attacks towards China surely weakened the relationship the US kept stable since the One China policy. This threat is not seen favorably by the majority of Americans since almost two third of respondents (62%) have negative views about the actual situation between the two countries.

However, the new survey by ReportLinker found that the majority of US respondents (81%), and especially Republicans (43% strongly agree), consider Trump should re-negotiate trade with China. But it could be discussed with a smoother tone.

81% of Americans believe that trade with China should be re-negotiated.

Arguments Trump repeated during his campaign are fueling this strong willingness to obtain a new trading deal with China : 69% of US respondents believe China manipulates its currency and steals American manufacturing jobs. Republicans are strong adopters of this theory, as they more often strongly agree with this assumption (38%). Whether it is wrong or not, the protectionism Trump is putting in place may be backed by Americans.

69% of Americans think China is manipulating its currency and stealing American manufacturing jobs.

This survey conducted by ReportLinker reached 509 online respondents representative of the US population. Interviews were conducted on  January, 3rd 2017.